Back seat headrest damage

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      Bob Flint

        Hi Guys has anyone else had the back of the rear headrest damage when the hood goes up & down,.I have 2  x  94/95

        4 Litre XJS convertibles and both had damage when I got them and I have seen a few others peoples with the same damage.

        It is not a easy fix,without having the headrest re trimmed. Be Ideal to find a couple of Chrome blanking  plates one either side .

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        Bob Flint

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          Graham Cowley

            Just joined. Had my soft-top for 16 years and yes I have a problem with a tear to the near-side rear headrest but its near the top on the back of the headrest.  I’ve only just noticed it and believe it’s a recent occurrence when the roof was getting stuck when folding back. I bought some leather glue to try a repair until I find somewhere that will sort it for me.


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