3.6 1986 xj-sc Hot start

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      Bryan Thomas

        Hi since  owning my XJ-SC  some 20 years  now   I’ve always  had a problem with  hot starting  and this can be very embarrassing if your in a concours  event and the judge  asks you to start up  i have always had the car serviced  and my last  was in June this year  when i also had a new clutch fitted

        The problem i have  is  from cold  the car starts instantly  and will start ok after  a few minuits  if left for say a hour or so   it appears  to take for ever  to fire  ive mentioned it  lots of times  but no one can ever find the problem  The car as had new Battery  new pressure valve new filters slosh tank cleaned  new pump new temp sensor new plugs but still it does it   To me  it seems  as if the fuel in the pressure rail evaperates I was wondering if any of you had had  a simular problem  im sure it can only be something simple

        Any Ideas   Folks

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        Bryan Thomas

          I have managed to find on ebay a ECU same as the one fitted to my car that’s supposedly in good working order so I’m going to see if this cures my hot start problem fingers crossed

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          Laurence Jones

            Unfortunately its not cured my problem The car will start ok when its hot but seems to take longer than it should when firing but I will just manage until I think of something else to try

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