Reply To: Welcome new Convertible member – Guy Frisch

Guy Frisch


Thank you for having the oportunity to join the club. I am a huge fan of Jaguar since 20-25 years.

I had an XJ12. 5 years ago I bought a facelift xjs 6.0 convertible. One of the first ones being delivered in germany since it is a MY 93.5. It is in beautiful morocco red with a black interior. I will post a picture asap. I am the second owner and so I was lucky to get to know the first owner who could give me all informations about the car form its first day on! I like very much the cruising, the refinement of the drive.

I have a Porsche 968 and yesterday I drove both and as a switched from my 968 to my xjs I could again appreciate the comfort and the refinement of my xjs.

One of my biggest fears now is to be kind of left alone here in Luxembourg since my old mechanic stopped working and I have no garage who can take car of my cat. Its getting really difficult to find people who know how to work on these cars. I am not really into mechanics so I am looking forward finding some help here, from time to time.

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