Reply To: Wecome new Cabriolet member – Claudiu Antal

Claudiu Antal

    Good evening,
    It’s nice to be here.
    The story of my buying the xjs is quite sophisticated.
    I have always been attracted by english old luxury cars. First car I bought was a series 3 Jaguar xj12 and I rapidly fall in love with it. The xj was at that time a good runner, so I started making a light restoration, thorrow one was following this year. I bought all the parts that were rusty and planned to switch them on the car, then a repaint was to follow. I even fixed the AC unit, so it blew ice cold air all summer long. The car rapidly became a daily driver in the nice warm summer days.
    I spent endless nights reading everything I was able to find about xj12 and xjs v12. Nobody here knows how to fix these cars. The first Jaguar dealer started selling cars in the late 90’s. Interesting, isnt’t it?
    Looking on e-bay for one xjs coupe I discovered this greatly mistreated xj-sc cabriolet from 1986. My wife and I immediatelly fell in love with the car and bought it for a very small price. The car finally got home with a trailer. When we saw it, the wife said “Doc, it’s a beautiful car, but it’s wery rotten. Can you fix it?”. I said it will take me about 2 years and I must fix it. I sarted investing, bought all the body parts and hope to have a gorgeous red Jaguar xj-sc by Chritmas and to be fully functional in the next summer.
    This is the only cabriolet in Romania as far as I know.
    This is the story…
    More Jaguars will follow…
    I will try to add photos of the restoration process.