Reply To: XJ-SC Production Figures


    Hi John Bleasdale ,

    By the seven clones I mean technically there are 7 RHD 3.6Man cabriolet cars in Dorchester Grey; 6 plus mine.

    My thinking was that you have a marvellous record of all the cars built but at another level we don’t know how many actually still exist!

    I wasn’t sure if there was any contact at DVLA who could provide scrappage detail as for many years you have had to complete a declaration or you would get reminders/SORN for that car forever more. I suppose wishful thinking that DVLA would have such details and provide to car clubs.
    Just that as a regular eBay user I have seen so many XJS-C being broken over the years I know of at least 50 must have been scrapped in UK over last 20 years and it could be vastly more. Even today there are cars being scrapped even though most people will recognise that values are now increasing rapidly in the shadow of E-type mania.

    If I had the space I would put away a few cabriolets for my kids inheritance as it can’t be long now before the market jumps. The Xk8/XKR X100’s are certainly appreciating now but could the XJS get overlooked, I doubt it as owning both an XKR and the XJS there is still a special magic in the XJS that the XKR lacks despite its beauty and performance.

    470 taxed and SORN XJS-C in UK is a good guide and about half your ‘located’ number in database – could that be almost all that are left?

    Anyway enough rambling, I must get back to work on my XJS.

    Regards, Robin