Reply To: What are your plans this year?

Laurence Jones

Hi Mark Thorley

I think if I followed that approach as one long list for all 4 of my XJS then it might be too scary to start on – to have everything laid out in a “to do” list 🙂

If we just focus on the Cabriolet, the my top item (now the roof is sorted) is to strip the multi colour doorcards and recolour them – the interior was originally red and has been covered (more or less) in Saville Grey). Not certain that the grey is the best colour, but as the seats are of this colour and in reasonable condition I’ll probably go with it.

I want to replace the rear parcel shelf piece, as mine’s not in good condition

I do need to replace the wood veneer – thanks for the suggested items on eBay recently. I’d like these to be in dark wood, to match the steering wheel, but as yet can’t find a set that includes the door pieces (might do this a bit at time).

I have considered replacing the ski-slope tray with a wood/veneer version, but that’s a nice to have rather than need to have.

I’d like to re-chrome the roof assembly, but for now I’ll leave as is – I may next year get a new hood made (but can’t afford at the moment).