Reply To: Brown XJS Cabriolet Tonneau Cover – ebay


Hi Robin
Great to know there is another Anorak in the group.I can not find the link to the advert but I am sure the advert said the hood had never been used / fitted which is the clue as to why it did not have press studs fitted.
As you correctly say new hoods came with a box of studs & dealerships were supplied with the tool for fitting them.
As the new cars were delivered they were sent into the workshop to have them fitted [not the type of job that could be done on the production line too time consuming]
Nice to know some one else knows about Happich & Fosters as I understand it these have not been available for many years & certainly not in the three colours.
There are a few new “ODD” Targa Panels available matching pairs have not been available for a long time.
Keep up the good work “Woodsmoke”
Regards Bleasie.