Reply To: Loss of power.

Andrew J Pacey

    Good evening to all members.
    Please accept my sincere apologies for my late replies.

    I now have an update to my XJS cutting out problem.
    This same fault occurred about a year ago to which the front crankshaft speed sensor was @ fault & duly replaced.
    At the time this work was being carried out it was noted the water pump had a slight leak.
    This water pump leak wasn’t very noticeable & over the year never caused any problems !!!.
    Would you believe it, when my XJS broke down with this same fault as last year due to the faulty speed sensor, Lester the Jag Tec man found that over the year the slight leak from the water pump was finding its way down the front of the engine & causing damage to the electrical sensor sited lower down
    Having the sensor cleaned etc, my XJS is one again running well & a pleasure to drive.

    A new water pump has been ordered !!!.