Reply To: Don’t Believe all you READ are TOLD & what you SEE.


    Bleasie, Just to show you are not alone I respond by stating the maybe obvious..
    7th Letter denotes variant ie. C= Cabriolet, D= Convertible and E= Coupe

    So it’s a RHD auto, 5.3, HE Coupe not an original Cabriolet. Interesting..

    As I’m sure your aware from your Register work there were several companies offering conversions from coupes to cabriolets as well as full convertibles. I don’t think Lynx did cabriolet conversions (just convertibles) but Banbury Auto Services advertised in 1984 & 1985 in Motorsport & Jaguar Driver. TBM International were advertising as late as May 1998 for their conversions.

    I posted a couple of pics of adverts in my General Photos as I don’t use picture hosting..
    BAS conversion offered tilting targa panels too, be interested to see how that was achieved!