Reply To: Welcome to XJS Soft Tops


    Hi Laurence, thanks for taking the time to set up the new site. I was never quite sure whether the icr was a dormant old site or not! A hangover of the original Cabriolet Register..

    Now I know it’s real and maybe as a new user can I ask whether/how I can see where a ‘participant’ is i.e. Country or U.K. County maybe and what model xjs they have.

    I ask as if your engine hesitation issue is on a V12 I have little input but if it’s a 3.6 then maybe I do..
    Also not much point suggesting I could loan a spare ecu /throttle body to try if ‘participant’ is miles away or in USA..

    I’m not good on forum use so maybe I just need to turn something on or click on a profile label I’ve not found!

    Kind regards, Robin Rainsley – Cheltenham uk 3.6 manual cab.