Reply To: Non-starter: battery?

David Wardale

Hi Robert,

I have an ’88 with the V12. IF you’re car is wired the same as mine- here is something you can check.

The heavy positive cable from the battery comes forward along the underside of the transmission tunnel to the engine compartment.It is connected to another heavy cable that runs from left to right , on the engine side of the firewall. At the RHS of this cable is where the connections are made for your starter.  BOTH ends of the firewall cable need to be checked for a poor or loose connection.Disconnect your battery(or you will have fireworks) and you should find both connectors covered by a rubber boot. You will find that there is more to it than just a simple nut and bolt, there are actually two nuts that need to be removed to clean everything up. A bad connection at either end will kill your starting efforts! Again- IF your car is wired the same as mine………

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