Reply To: Mildew and Mould

David Wardale

    Hello Laurence, Greetings from across the Pond!
    The house in which I live has a basement. This can be reassuring when the weather forecast includes tornadoes. In the basement there is a de-humidifier which is on duty around the clock, keeping the relative humidity to a comfortable level. If you garage your car, you could control the humidity in the building, and your electricity supplier would be so pleased that they would probably start sending you an annual Birthday Card. Moving on to Plan “B”.
    Recently, at the insistence of my wife, I have been equipped with hearing aids. Apparently I have not been receiving my instructions “loud and clear”.
    The hearing aids came with a container containing dessicant beads which change colour as they absorb moisture. The container can then be microwaved to rejuvenate the action of the beads. Do some research on “Dessicant dehumidification”. This may work for you!
    As I am at the keyboard , I want to wish all the members a Very Merry Christmas, too! As the weather here continues to worsen, my own car now has been hibernating for the past six weeks- however, today I am going out to the garage. I want to make a heat-sink for the ignition coil which sits in the “Vee” of the engine.I have already moved the ignition amp to a cooler spot, with a ducted cool air supply, and a fan which comes on when the brakes are applied. (Traffic situation)
    Always something to do, and Winter has barely begun!