Laurence Jones : My 1982 Cabriolet Album

      Photo 922
      Car Details
      • Cabriolet
      • red

      • Beige

      • 1982
      • 3.6
      • Jaguar
      • 2014
      • Manchester
      • Manchester
      • United Kingdom

      This is my XJ-SC Cabriolet that I've now owned for several years, and it was this car that inspired me to create the XJS Soft Tops Club for everyone who is an enthusiast of these soft tops

      History of the car
      Build Year : 1982

      I bought the car in early 2014, and it was this purchase that introduced me to John Bleasdale (Bleasie) and subsequently to launch the XJS Soft Tops Club (after I bought an XJS Convertible too). The car had to undergo a major restoration project (see details below), and is now in a very presentable condition (July 2022)

      Restoration Work

      The car has undergone a thorough restoration. There was a lot of serious rust and body rot, around the wheel arches and the passenger floor (front and back areas) and so these sections were cut out and new metal professional welded into place.
      Also a replacement subframe was put on the car from a donor XJ-SC Cabriolet I owned (was break it for spares as too far gone to economically restore.
      Once all the body work was complete the paint work was fully stripped, filled, prime and resprayed in the car's original Signal Red .

      Photo # 27
      Making good the bodywork

      All the various dints and areas of rust were made good ahead of all the paintwork being taken right back and the car primed all over.

      Photo # 20
      Awaiting final reassembly

      This picture also shows my XJ-SC Cabriolet after it had undergone its full repaint, after being stripped and primed, and now waiting to have all the various bits and pieces reassembling

      again 18

      again 18

      Driving Adventures

      The main photo of this Album shows my car on display at Event City Manchester, which was a big indoor Classic Car show in Manchester, UK.
      I've been down to Beaconsfield, near London, for an XJS Soft Tops meet up stay and diner at the Old Bull Hotel.
      The car has been across to the Isle of Man a couple of times now, and it now lives in North Wales so has been out and about the lovely countryside here.

      Photo 1952
      The Bear Hotel, Beaconsfield, UK

      This was taken at an XJS Soft Tops meet-up. We all met up at the hotel and had Sunday Lunch before setting off our separate ways. We had a brand new member drop in on the meet up even though they had only bought the car the day before and the first time they drove it was over to Beaconsfield to meet us all,

      Photo 1953
      Laxy Wheel, Isle of Man.

      This was taken on an XJS Soft Tops tour of the Isle of Man in 2019. We took 2 XJ-SC Cabriolets and 3 XJS Convertibles across on the ferry
      We spent 3 days touring around the island visiting all the Tourist Sights, including take a lap around the famous TT circuit.

      Photo 792
      Cafe Cargo

      The XJS Soft Tops Club has had a number of meet ups here at Cafe Cargo, which is a beautiful canal side location in Colne, Lancashire, UK.

      We generally meet up mid-morning for a late breakfast and spend the next few hours chatting together, with some folks taking a walk along the canal and then coming back for lunch or later for afternoon tea.

      On a couple of occasions members of the Club have made a weekend of things and then driven up from Cafe Cargo to the Lake District to attend a car show the following day


      There is really only one modification that I've had undertaken on my Cabriolet, and this is to have the two Targa Panels stripped and painted the same colour as the car

      Photo 1962
      Painted Targa Panels

      The two panels, were stripped of their fabric covering, then filled and smoothed.
      The Targa Panels are actually fibreglass, so they needed extra attention.
      Once filled and smoothed they were primed, sanded, and painted to match the car's bodywork.

      I later decided that the area above the windscreen should also be stripped and painted, which improved the whole look.