Site News : User Profile – Registration and Updates


Well I’ve managed to put in some hours recently (December 2016) on preparing the website ready for users to actively start using it.  It is now starting to take shape the way I’d envisaged it would look and feel – though I’m having to do quite a lot of site customisation to get things to behave as needed.

Functionality is now in place for new users to set up their Profile details during their Site Membership Registration – and for existing approved users to update and maintain their Profile details.

The Registration process has been a trying time to customise the various Member and Adminstrator emails, as the ones that come ‘out of the packet’ with the initial build for the website are short, blunt and not user friendly at all.  I still think that the registration process is too complicated, but as it works I’ll consider it fit for purpose at this time and invest my time on other aspects of the website that don’t yet work.

Article Published : 15th December 2016
Article written by : Laurence Jones