Site News : July 2022 : Member’s Car Albums


This brief article introduces the new feature of the XJS Soft Tops Club, the Member’s Car Album.

Previously members were limited to adding photos of their car to the site’s Gallery, without being able to explain what or where the picture was.

This new feature allows individual members to construct an album of photos and related text to present details of their car to the wider XJS Soft Tops Club membership. It is based on the information the member has stored for their first car’s details in their profile (which can be updated via the Amend XJS Ownership option).

Members can now create and maintain an album, for their car, via the My Account menu option (need to be logged in).


Simply follow these first three steps, via the My Account section, to prepare for creating their Car Album :

1/ Amend My Profile Members need to have up to date information regarding their location
2/ Amend XJS Ownership Members need to have the correct information relating to their first car in their profile
3/ My Photos Members need to ensure they have uploaded to their Photo Album all the photos they wish to include in their Car Album, noting down each’s photo’s number (by hovering over the photo in the album). These photo numbers are what will be needed to add the photo’s reference in the Car Album.

Album creation and maintenance

When members select the Manage Album a popup window appears where they can enter photo numbers (taken from their My Photos library, and accompanying text.

The sections in the Album are :

  • General Car details and photos
  • Restoration photos and accompanying details
  • Adventures – photos of places, with descriptions, that have been in the car
  • Modifications – photos and details of various modifications that have been done to the car

The Member’s Car Album feature will be expanded based on feedback received from members (via the discussion link below). Requests can be made for addition photos (with accompanying descriptions), new sections (with photos and text) or even suggestions for improvements to layouts or presentation order…….

You can view all the member albums by clicking on the Member Album above.
Thanks for reading.

Article Published : July 2022
Article written by : Laurence Jones

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