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XJS Soft Tops Club

This is a free to join Club, for members who are owners and Enthusiasts of the XJ-SC Cabriolet or XJS Convertible. There is no joining fee, all that is asked of members is that you join in with the discussion board topics if you’re able to, and put forward an Article from time to time if you can.
The donate button is there for Members who feel they’d like to help pay for the site’s development and running costs, as there is no sponsorship or paid advertisement on the Club website.
The XJS Soft Tops Club was formed as an online club in 2014, by Laurence Jones (who still runs the club), for owners and enthusiasts of the soft top version of Jaguar’s XJS car. The Club has always been inclusive of all soft top XJS cars, whether they be Jaguar built XJ-SC Cabriolets or XJS Convertibles, official Hess and Eisenhardt built Convertibles and or limit production runs of specialist bodyshop conversions of XJS Coupes into a soft.

Many of the initial members were XJ-SC Cabriolet Owners, who’d previously registered their interest with the International Cabriolet Register. In 2016 the Club’s website was written and launched by Laurence, and as the membership has grown so has the Club’s website developed and grown too, to now include Discussion Forums, Articles, Photo Gallery and a regular email Newsletter.

Membership keeps rising and at March 2022 was over 750 members from all around the world.

The Club’s Website

4 Discussion Forums

  • General – for all general topics
  • Technical – for any technical related topics
  • For Sale / Wanted – anything members have that they wish to sell, or are seeking to find (wanted). No liability is accepted by the owners and adminstrators of this site
  • Out & About – this anything to do with being out and about with your XJS Soft Top, and also for noting any forthcoming events that members might be interested in attending with their Jaguar XJS Soft Top – Cabriolet or Convertible, or going to see others

There is a whole section dedicated to information and background on the various XJS soft top models (Cabriolets and Convertibles) held on the Club’s website and other related locations. This section can be accessed from the Background Menu at the top of this page.

  • Various articles are published on this site for the interest of owners and enthusiasts of the XJS Soft Top models – Cabriolet and Convertibles
  • Photo Libraries

  • This functionality will be added in the future – please follow development news on the Site’s articles

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